• Biti is the first step to the digital world, in a safe and healthy way, where young kids can play, grow and love.

Biti Smart Platform

delivers safe content, on multiple displays, and insightful
feedback to parents.

A platform that ensures safe content for kids through already curated playlists of cartoon and learning videos.

Parents can manage the playlists and get coaching insights to raise their awareness on their kids behavior and learning opportunities.

The platform connects to TVs through an HDMI stick, a service provider set op box or via Smart TV app.

Safe contents and platform configurations are managed through an ease to use smartphone app, available soon for Android and iOS.

Biti Simple Device

allows full autonomy and well being for young kids to interact with their digital world.

A device simply made for kids. To bring them full autonomy when interacting with their digital world. The physical interaction, dimensions and colors match 2 to 6 year old’s preferences. The 3 colored buttons represent and control the different content feeds on the platform.

One color, one kind of content.

As simple as it gets.


Biti is any kid’s way to endless fun. Make room for expanding imagination on a world that welcomes him. At any time, with no need for help, kid picks and watches his favorite cartoons. Red empowers kids to make their choices on how to have fun.


Biti puts the action back where it flows the best: your living room floor. Enjoy the amazing sight of your kids singing and dancing. Learning about colors, letters or animals. Yellow makes them grow: both mind and body.


Biti is all about enabling the right “social” for kids. Watch them remember their happiest, funniest moments. Building identity and developing bonds to family and friends. Blue brings together kids’ digital memory, in one safe space, always available.

When grown-ups need to be kids again

A strong passion for technology and a even stronger love for happy children have brought Luis and Eduardo together.

Eduardo Pinheiro
Co-founder & CPO/CTO

Eduardo is the creative machine behind Biti. As a restless and dynamic engineer, he has an hard time to keep quiet. He has co-founded 4 startups. He was the CEO of Muzzley, having raised over 4M USD. This experience has gifted him with 3 years at Sillicon Valley.

Luís Quintella
Co-founder & CEO

Luis keeps dreams alive and clear. With over 6 years of experience in Telecom operators, and having been part of the first worldwide IPTV platform company, Luis has grown his skills as a senior business developer in major systems integrators, both in Europe and in Africa.

Thinking like a child
to go back and innovate

The story

Edu, our CPO, is an hands on guy. Observing his young daughter watch videos on a smartphone sparked his awareness that there was design missing, none had been truly designed from a young kid. Edu created a single button device to provide her autonomy. The button allowed his daughter to watch playlist videos on the TV, sitting on the sofa or even playing and painting at the same time. He kept looking. And Biti has born.

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